House's and Mobile Home Services off 1 year


  1. Ground Electrical Panel and install water meter bonding jumper.  Using #6 AWG Copper for 100amp/#4 for a 200amp panel.
  2. Ground rod if installed must be connected properly.
  3. Provide GFCI receptacle in Bathroom(s) and within 6’ of all sinks.
  4. Install Battery powered Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide detectors where required by IPMC, if not already in place.
  5. Electrical Panel and all electrical boxes must have covers in place.
  6. No exposed or improper wiring anywhere in structure.


  1. All flue vents form appliances must be sound, connected and not rusted.
  2. All gas valves must be in OFF position.
  3. All gas lines must be valved and capped if not in use.
  4. All gas lines must be pressure tested to 10 pounds for 1 hour by a qualified HVAC or Plumbing contractor.   After a successful inspection the Jurisdiction will release the turn on to the utility company.