Public Works

Located at 613 West 1st Avenue, Milan IL.  The Village of Milan Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining nearly 65 miles of roads throughout the village, along with a comparable amount of water and sewer systems.  The department’s goal is to provide and maintain the infrastructure of the Village of Milan, and to protect the health and welfare of residents, businesses, and visitors. Provide quality services within available resources, to our customers in a timely and efficient manner, along with supporting economic growth and development with the unity and trust of highly qualified and skilled personnel.
Below is information on services that the village provides. 

Garbage Pick-up

Household garbage is collected once a week. One wheeled, 96 or 48-gallon cart is provided by the village for this collection.  If you are unsure of what day your garbage is collected, please email the Vilage of Milan or call 309-787-8500.  Your garbage can must be placed at the curb by 7 AM on collection day, with the lid opening facing the street.  Make sure there is nothing within three (3) feet of either side of the can (like mailboxes, recycling can, or other items).

Additional Cans
Additional cans are available at $120 per can, per year, payable by August 31st for the service dates of August through July. This charge is not prorated.

Church Pick-up
Churches may utilize the village’s garbage collection system at a rate of $120 per can, per year.  Fees will be due June 1st of each year. This charge is not prorated.

Brush/Branch Pick-up
Brush is picked up on Friday mornings.  Branches should be no longer than 4 ft. in length and bundled, no heavier than 50 pounds.  To schedule a pick-up, send an email, and please include your name, address and a contact number, or call 309-787-8500.  Pickups must be scheduled by 11 AM the Thursday prior.

Yard Waste Registration
Yard Waste Pick-up typically runs from April through November each year, depending on the weather it may begin or end sooner or later. Registration costs $25 and includes 5 yard waste stickers – this must be paid at the Village Clerk’s Office.  Additional stickers may be purchased for $1.45 each in the Clerk’s Office, Hy-Vee or B&B Hardware. Registration begins each calendar year and expires December 30 of the same year.  Yard Waste must be in paper collection bags and stickers must be applied to bag prior to placing at the curb.  Bags must be out no later than 7 AM.  Milan Public Works will not come back to pick up bags not set out by then.

Bulky Item Pick-up
Bulk Items will be picked up every Friday.  To schedule a pick-up, send an email, and include your name, address and a contact number, or call 309-787-8500.  Information must be received by 11 AM the Thursday prior to desired pickup.  Some items may not be eligible for pickup, including electronics (E-Waste), residential appliances (white goods), and tires. Each residence is provided two free pick-ups per calendar year. Each pick-up thereafter are $25.00 each. Please have the items out by 7am. There is a size limit equivalent to a pick-up truck bed load; oversized pick-ups may be subject to an additional fee. Miscellaneous smaller items should be bagged or boxed, no heavier than 50 pounds each.


RICWMA Recycling Options and Guidelines

Residents are provided a blue, wheeled, 48 or 96-gallon cart for recyclable waste. This service is $5 per month and is included on your water/sewer bill (as $10). If you do not have either of those services through the village, yearly invoices are sent out in the amount of $60. Services are provided by Republic Services of Bettendorf. Pick-ups are every other Wednesday, depending on your location in the Village. Any questions regarding recycling should be directed to Republic Services. Click here to see when your recycling is scheduled for pick-up.

Sewer / Water Department

Located at 1200 South West 2nd Avenue, Milan, IL.  Business hours are 7-3:30. Sewer office can be reached at 309-787-8530.  For after-hours emergency contact the Police non-emergency number at 309-787-8521.  Water/Sewer personnel will be contacted to address your concerns.  The Water/Sewer department provides continuous and essential sanitary sewer service to the homes and businesses of the Village of Milan. Our collection system team operates and maintains the extensive network of buried sewer mains and pumping stations that receive and transport wastewater discharges from our customers to our two wastewater treatment plants. Our treatment operations team is responsible for the operation and maintenance of these treatment facilities.

Call 309-787-8500 for all billing-related questions, including questions on your bill, setting up new service, payments, etc.

Milan Water Department
The Water Department is responsible for monitoring Milan’s 3 Public Water Supply Wells, 35 miles of distribution system water mains, 325 Fire Hydrants while treating ~480,000 gallons of water a day for residential and commercial consumption. 

Milan Sewer Department
The Sewer Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of Milan’s Wastewater Treatment Plant, 32 miles of Sanitary Sewers, 10 Lift Stations and treatment of ~1,100,000 gallons of sewage a day.
Together, The Water-Sewer department provides continuous and essential drinking water and sanitary sewer service to the homes and businesses of the Village of Milan.  Our team operates and maintains the extensive network of buried water & sewer mains and pumping stations that receive and transport water and wastewater for our customers.  Sewage travels to our wastewater plant where it is treated and discharged to the Rock River.
The Village of Milan’s Water & Sewer systems are operated as public utility enterprise funds. No tax dollars, in any form, are used to fund the water and sewer systems.  All funds, revenues and expenditures associated with its operation are segregated from other Village finances. The current annual Water System budget is $452,000 and the Sewer System budget is $480,000. The revenue that supports these budgets is derived solely from the fees charged for water & sanitary sewer services noted on your bi-monthly water bills.


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